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Opera 10 beta 3 (1708|6618|4546) от 14 августа

Opera 10 beta 3 (1708|6618|4546) от 14 августа
Список нововведений, изменений и известных ошибок (на английском):
We\’ve been working hard this week to polish Opera Unite. There were improvements on the infrastructure and Opera\’s stability, as well as many other improvements, for example:

The discovery of other Opera Unite instances on your local network should behave now (and be quiet if it\’s asked to)

Opera\’s reconnection strategy in case of connection problems is now more flexible

The services look even shinier — with an extra touch of Opera styling

Again, please do check out Opera Unite and play around with it!
Watch out for connection issues (only with the most recent builds, of course), behavior on your local network, confusing workflow or settings, or anything else you don\’t feel happy with. The more detailed issues are reported, the easier it is for us to follow up.

Stability work: Several common crashes fixed

Many Qt4 stability fixes

More Unite polishing

Skin improvements, including fixing the new tab button for visual tabs

Print selection should now be fixed

Alt+Shift to switch languages should be working

Для абонентов локальной сети: [attachment=918]
Для абонентов интернета: [attachment=919]

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