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Digital Anarchy Knoll Light Factory 3.02

Knoll Light Factory 3.0.2 — плагин для Photo Shop, предназначенный для создания световых эффектов, преимущественно бликов — отражений от ярких источников света, например, от солнца, примерно также как это выглядит в линзе камеры. В последней версии добавлена поддержка Photoshop CS4, 64-битовых версий Windows.

Knoll Light Factory создан Джоном Нолом (John Knoll), автором программного обеспечения и ответственным за создание визуальных эффектов в компании Industrial Light + Magic, человеком, который принимал участие в разработке Adobe Photoshop и спецэффектов в фильме Star Wars. Технологии, которые легли в основу плагина Light Factory, были разработаны во время создания спецэффектов для фильма Star Trek


Knoll Light Factory is designed to create lens flares and other Adobe Photoshop lighting effects, including lasers, explosions and suns. The package can create many different effects depending upon your desired result and the time you have to experiment. Knoll Light Factory can generate 100\’s of different Photoshop lighting effects. This control further the creative abilities of photographers and designers to enhance existing images or create original works.
Inside the Photoshop plugin, you can choose from 19 different flare elements, then layer those elements to create the desired lighting effect. The plugin contains controls for applying the premade flares that ship. Alternately, it has a custom flare editor that lets you create and edit your own custom lighting effects.
The most common use of Knoll Light Factory in photography is to enhance lights such as lamps, streetlights, sky elements, or candle flames. However, many designers also use Knoll Light Factory to create sparkling or glowing lights from scratch.
New Features
— 100+ Light Presets: Over 50 new light presets give you additional pre-made Photoshop lighting effects that range from naturalistic to dramatic.
— New User Interface: The UI has been redesigned for ease of use, including previews of light presets and access to editing functions in one window.
— Real-Time Preview: The main Preview Window now supports real-time manipulation, as well as the ability to resize and zoom in/out.
— 16-bit Color Support: Light effects now render out to higher bit depths, which reduces banding and outputs better looking glows and gradients.
— Obscuration Layer: Use a grayscale mask to partially obscure the lights, and make more realistic effects when lights are being partially blocked by an object.
— Tint Layer: Use a separate layer to change the flare color for easier compositing on complex images.
— Randomize Feature: A Randomize button and slider let users organically discover fun new Photoshop lighting effects.
— Undo Functionality: Multi-level undo allows for an improved workflow when designing lights.
— Compatible with Mac Intel, 64-bit Windows: Support for Intel Macs, Photoshop CS3, and Vista 32- and 64-bit systems.
Program Name: Knoll Light Factory 3.02
Program Type: PhotoShop-plugin
Developer: Digital Anarchy
Homepage: www.digitalanarchy.com/knollPS/main.html
Release Date: 11.11.2008
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinAll
File Size: 6.03 Mb

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